This is the second year of my Link IV Program, I have three more years left. Each week I still look into the lottery and hope Section 8 re-opens for New York. With Trump in office no Low Income Housing Program is safe. I am truly amazed that Section 8 is open in other states that are just as low-income populated as New York, but we are closed and they are opened. It’s so discouraging to have counselors suggest applicants re-located to the different states in a shelter program ~ get the section 8 after living there for one year and come back.

The Homeless situation gets larger each day ~ however, I not hearing of any productive means that government officials are dealing with the issue. Programs are silently being fazed out. I’m looking for any lobbyist in New York within the five boroughs to see if any one is organizing a rally or  walk we need to remind our politicians that we need assistance no another program that will end within 5 years. Any program that has a time limit just places us back into the devastating clutches of the shelter system. This is Not the Way to Live!!!!!!