Putting food on the table for self or for your family is paramount to your survival.  Most pantries that are available might require that you have to stand outside on a line in the street. Not every place will have indoor facilities where you can sit and wait, just like not every place requires you to have ID, in order to receive food. There are weekly panties as well as monthly, see my other posting for some Pantry locations.

That being said, let’s be honest ~ we all know there are some people who will take advantage of the system. Yeah, those individuals that will stand on the line and then turn around and sell the surplus food to their neighbors for money to buy drugs, cigs or some other contraband. There are those that hoard food ~ just get for the sake of getting, but don’t need the food at all. Jjst like there in theft od services by the faciliators that operate the panties.  Taking first dibs on food for themselves and Not sharing or distributing the food to the area as needed.

It’s a shame and disgrace to humanity to have to deal with con artist  and theives ~ action giving you pause to wonder just how low people in our society have sunk to.  Law of Nature does apply here to only take what you need and not waste your resources