Saving Money the Focus of Shelters ~ they’re talking about putting money aside to save up for your new digs. If you work or receive an income due to Disability, Retirement or SSI, the shelter counselors want you to start putting aside at least 60 percent in a separate account. Every two weeks when you have a sit down with your counselor that conversation comes up and they want to see evidence of the monies saved. Thier goal to get your savings up to $3,000.00.

But, I’m going to take you on a different route today.

Recycled Soap.

Never run out of soap. What do you do with those little pieces of soap, when they get to the nub? Most people throw them away and grab that new fresh bar to start the process all over again. Do you realize how much soap you are throwing away? Hopefully, any soap you purchase is something that you like and enjoy. I’m old school and frugal ~ living on a fixed income, but this was something that my great-grandmother taught me as a child and I’ve carried this with me as a habit.

Plastic container with a lid or a glass jar large enough to get your hand into. Place all those little pieces into the container and add just enough water to cover the soap pieces. The first thing that should click in your head:

  • Hey, I’ve got soapy water which can still be used to wash your hand or you face just replace the water.
  • Secondly after @ two – three weeks the soap that you gathered should look waxy, puffed up and SOFT. Continue to add any pieces after @ a month you should be able to mold the soften pieces into a ball. Depending upon the soap this “meltdown” might take longer, but you get the general idea. I hope.
  • Take the ball from the container and let it air dry. Abracadabraa, you now have a colorful ball of all your favorite soaps or just a giant ball of a single fragrance. Either way, you’ll never be soapless again.