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  • the act or process of recovering, esp from sickness, a shock, or a setback; recuperation
  • restoration to a former or better condition
  • the regaining of something lost


Improvement, Rallying, Picking Up, Upswing, 

What is your definition of Recovery? People can and do recover from some serious long-term illnesses. Recovery is a unique and individual experience ~ no two peoples journeys with the same illnesses will be identical. My own personal experience was evident when I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Having no guideline for the disease I wasn’t even aware that the symptoms I was experiencing for fours months were a signal for me to seek help from a physician. Constant, urination, foot going to sleep (pin and needle sensations), tiredness and constant thirst. In my mind, I managed to find excuses for each sensation.

  1. During this time I was on the water diet ~ drinking 12Oz. glasses 8 x’s a day
  2.  I was standing on my feet 9 hours a day working in a pharmacy
  3.  Who wouldn’t be tired working six days a week and still doing the regular household choices for two people and 4 animals?

It wasn’t until the day after Christmas that I almost fainted, my family took me to the hospital because that was highly irregular. So here I was walking around with a sugar count of 1250I was given a speed course lesson about sugar levels ~ Normal @ 100 on the average, NOT to EXCEED 500: Get to a hospital immediately. On the down side Never let your sugars get below 70.

My intake nurse told me I was so fortunate her husband came in with a blood sugar of 500 and he’d been in a coma for three months.  I didn’t know what to say to her.  I suffered from foot ulcers on both of my feet looked like molded swiss cheese, no skin from the top of my toes to the ankle bone all nothing but holes and sores. It took a year for my feet to heel and even to this day there are still two toes on my left foot that are struggling to heal. But compared to what I started out with I’m Blessed and grateful.

“Recovery is being able to live a meaningful and satisfying life as determined by each individual person. Having control over and input into your own life.”

Recovery is not always easy or straightforward. Just about everyone that I spoke with agreed ~ in order to persevere they needed to find avenues that afforded them the means to maintain hope especially through trying times and situations. It is also through sharing our experiences that we provide a positive impact on others as well as ourselves.

A Life in Recovery

  • Health: Choices that support physical and emotional well-being
  • Home: Having a stable place to live
  • Purpose: Engage in meaningful daily activities, such as job, volunteering, obtaining a degree caring for your family or yourself. Work towards independence, income, and social participation.
  • Building relationships and social networks that provide support.

What are your views on Re*cov*er*y?