Recipients of the Linc Voucher please be aware that you must recertify each year. The voucher itself is supposed to be enforced for five years. If the voucher is discontinued hopefully another program will be formed to continue the benefits. Just because you are no longer in a shelter setting just not preclude you from putting money aside in a saving account.  Don’t get too lax, you need to have funds set aside for an emergency.

DHS will pay for your rent upon lease signing for three months in full. Afterward, you need to connect with your landlord and ensure that they continue to send their portion of the rent. Most landlords will allow rent to be remitted without any late fees for ten days. Keep your receipts and also have the phone number for the Linc Hotline on your refrigerator door to remind yourself.

Renewal for LINC clients is done once a year through the mail. Renewal forms should be mailed out approximately four months prior to the end of the lease.

For more information about the LINC rental assistance program, call 311.