With Section 8 being closed in New York, and Housing apartment listing backlogged for 7 years in most cases, it’s going to be necessary to consider alternative options.

As with all of the City Voucher Programs, the number of approved households to receive any Supplemental Assistance will be limited to  Funding Availability. 

SEPS = Special Exit and Prevention Supplemental Program

City Program providing assistance for eligible individual adults and adult families without children, at risk of entry into a shelter and those already housed within the shelter system to secure permanent housing. 

New York City Department of Homeless Services (DHS) Call 311, housing specialists and case managers are also available to provide assistance. If you are already sheltered bound, make sure that your Housing Specialist has procured an application for you. Last time I checked they (SEPS Program) were prescreening they will provide you with an appointment if you qualify. No longer are they accepting walk-ins ~ they are backlogged and overbooked. 

What are the eligibility requirements?

  1. Survivors of domestic violence as certified by the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) A member Single Adult or Adult Families, residing in DHS shelters who have NOT refused to be placed in an HRA shelter. Or members that have reached their maximum time limit for residence in an HRA shelter and is at risk of entry into a DHS Shelter for Single Adults or a DHS Shelter for Adult Families.
  2. Single Adult or Adult Families that have been evicted from their place of residence within 12 months of entering a DHS Shelter. Had to leave a residence because of a vacate order issued by a City agency or a foreclosure action or for health and safety reasons as determined by a City agency.   a. Single Adults who have been discharged from a residential substance abuse Treatment Program. The program has to be licensed or operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health or the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.  b. A member who is at risk of entry into a DHS Shelter for Single Adults or Adult Families and has previous or current United States military service. 
  3. Active or Single Issue Public Assistance Case
    – household income can not exceed 200% of the poverty level
    – The household must have a lease or an agreement in writing of the renting. Rent to remain the same for one year as per rent stabilization laws.
    -the household may receive up to four one-year renewals of SEPS rent supplements and additional one-year renewals indefinitely provided the household includes a member
    a. who receives social security disability (SSD) or supplemental security income (SSI) or is receiving recurring Public Assistance and is potentially eligible for such benefits based on a documented disability
    b. who receives federal veterans disability benefits.

    The household must contribute 30% of its income towards rent. See Sample Below

    SEPS Example The following is a sample tenant contribution and rent supplement amount. The household’s contribution and maximum rent will be based on household income and family size.
    Family Size: 2
    Maximum Rent: $1,268
    Monthly Household Income: $1,320
    Monthly Tenant Contribution $396
    Monthly Rent Supplement: $872

If you are moving into a rented room:
The maximum rent for a rented room is $800 and the SEPS rent supplement amount will be the difference between the actual rent (up to $800) and the household’s monthly tenant contribution (which will be equal to 30% of household Income).

What help can landlords and families receive once they are participating in the program?
==>HRA’s Rental Assistance Call Center, reachable at 929-221-0043, can help both landlords and tenants with program information,
aftercare referrals, and payment inquiries.
==>Households who have left an HRA shelter should call 929-221-7270 to be connected to a community-based nonresidential program.