Well, my intake at the first shelter did not last too long. Silly me i figured if I completed the criteria quicker then I would be placed faster. The system has it’s own agenda. Please note that I found out by trial and error that the system wants you placed with them for at least six months before they even begin to work on your issues.

All that filing to HRA for PA {Public Assistance- Cash Money}, Medical Insurance etc. is for their benefit first and foremost. They need to get paid – for housing you. If by chance you are able to work or receive any Gov’t assistance SSI, SSD etc. then most likely you will be denied any PA, but they will provide you with a EBT card Benefit’s Card for food stamps. Basic amount is usually $16.00 every month. I fell in the weird place of receiving Social Security Disability {SSD}, but as per Medicaid they only allowed $800.00, I received more then the monetary allowance and since as per the system I had no expenses – so I was subjected to a spend down criteria before Medicaid would even consider covering me with medical insurance.

Get your HRA statement and look towards the top area there should be a income, housing and food stamp notation listed above the page. The shelter that was housing me was getting paid $2,500 for my bed and $575 in food stamps to feed me per month. My shelter housed 200 females. Do the math – those numbers were standard. The bed was nothing more that a cot with a very thin mattress, you were lucky if they gave you a set of sheets, a blanket and a pillow upon entry. They are suppose to provide you with a welcome kit of toilette’s as well. Needless to say, any major health concerns are your responsibility. I am a Diabetic, the shelter would not even consider having a separate meal plan for us nor were we provided with any snacks to supplement any difficulties like low blood sugars attacks. We met with the cook and he shot the menu plan down. Later on, I found out that the kitchen serving staff  composed of resident members that were getting $40.00, every two weeks – a little side job for them. The cooks were not licensed and I tried to find out whether anyone in the kitchen had at least taken  food safety courses – couldn’t get a handle on that, but I do know that No one was a dietitian.