As we grow older our ability to dream becomes slimmer and slimmer if not completely gone. We face the empty nest syndrome with dread, wondering how to fill our days and hopefully how to rekindle that lost part of the committed relationship. Husbands have become second class citizens in consideration to children and wives have become the second mistress to jobs. It’s no one’s fault, it unfortunately happens to thousands of people daily.

We are so focused on making ends meet that we forget to take stock of IMPORTANT matters. Each Other!!!. How close is the average American from the edge of Homelessness? Yes, that dark pit in society, that we don’t want to talk about, acknowledge or address. Maybe if we pretend that it doesn’t exist it will go away. NOT!!

Homelessness stems from many issues: Lost employment, medical bills, bankruptcy, under funded pension plans, foreclosure, student loans, incarceration, mental health issues, divorce, migration laws, etc.

The homeless are not your enemy: Stop buying into the hype that our economy is being threaten from countries outside of the United States. The United States has done what it has being doing for hundreds of years all in the name of Democracy – whose????

Pharmaceutical industry, Insurance Companies, Prison System, IRS, Banks, Home Owner Insurance, Military, Politicians, Lobbyists, Corporate America, Law Enforcement  – all within our own borders have crippled the American Dream and misled it’s citizens.

In June, 2016 I became apart of the invisible society – this was by choice, and I say choice due to the fact that I was recently divorced and decided to relocate back to my home town to start over again. Please note that I am not in the best of health and have been out of the main steam of things for @ 20 years. Who in their right mind decides to divorce at 60 years young and re-invent themselves?  Having family helped at least as far as moral support my family is extremely small and they do not have any extra money or space to house another being. I knew this and accepted it. I took the clothes on my back and started my journey.